Coursework programs

Postgraduate coursework covers:

  • graduate certificates
  • graduate diplomas
  • coursework master's degrees.

Students enrolled in coursework programs which include supervised research should also refer to the section on research degrees.

Postgraduate coursework degrees are described in detail in the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 and the Coursework Policy 2014.

Fees, scholarships and loans


Information about fees is available here.

Scholarships and prizes

A variety of scholarships are offered by the University of Sydney, with many faculties also offering their own scholarships and prizes.

There are limited scholarship opportunities for postgraduate coursework. Information can be found on the Scholarships and Financial Support Service website.

There may be a range of industry scholarships for projects in specific areas or disciplines, details of which are available from the Scholarships and Financial Support Service or via your intended department or supervisor. Inquiries about faculty scholarships should be referred to the relevant faculty office.

Application for a scholarship is a separate process which should be accompanied by a concurrent application for admission to candidature for the degree that you are seeking admission.

Bursary and Financial Assistance

Students can also apply at the Scholarships and Financial Support Service for bursaries, student loans (up to $1500 interest-free for essential living and study expenses), and emergency cash loans.

For more information, visit the Scholarships and Financial Support Service website.