Admission and enrolment

Application procedures

Admission requirements


  • The conditions of your enrolment and information about varying your enrolment are outlined on the enrolment website.

Sydney Student

Sydney Student is the University's new online student self-administration service. You will now have your own secure and private portal in which to manage most of the administration relating to your studies. You can access Sydney Student via MyUni, using your UniKey and password. Click on the Sydney Student icon on the left-hand side.

Sydney Student means you will have:

  • one central, University-wide student administration system
  • consistent administration processes across all faculties and schools
  • reliable and secure 24/7 online access to self-manage your candidature
  • improved access to online information and services
  • user-friendly administrative support
  • less paperwork
  • the ability to make requests, as well as track progress from submission to approval

You can read more about using the Sydney Student system here.

Research Periods

For higher degree by research students, the year is now divided into four Research Periods. Periods 1 and 2 align to Semester 1, and Research Periods 3 and 4 align to Semester 2. The four Research Periods mean that you can request to vary your candidature in shorter periods of time. For example, you can request to suspend your candidature or change from full-time to part-time (or vice versa), or if you need an extension, your enrolment can vary for each Research Period.

If you are a fee-paying student, you will still be invoiced once per semester, but your fees will be calculated by Research Period according to your enrolment status as of the census date for that Period. You can see the Effective Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) for each Period below.

Research Period Start date End Date Census Date EFTSL
RP1 1 January 28 February 31 January 0.167
RP2 1 March 30 June 31 March 0.333
RP3 1 July 30 September 31 August 0.250
RP4 1 October 31 December 31 October 0.250

If you vary your candidature in a way that affects your earliest and latest dates to submit for examination (such as suspending your candidature, changing from full-time to part-time or vice versa, or requesting and extension), the new dates to submit will be based on the last day of the last Research Period in which you are expected to be enrolled.

Fee and Research Training Scheme (RTS) liability will be calculated using the EFTSL weighting in the table above.

In many of the University's rules, policies and procedures the duration of candidature is measured in semesters. For the purpose of calculating semesters' duration, any two Research Periods equal one semester.

Submitting your thesis for examination

The change to Research Periods will not change your latest date to submit your thesis for examination. You must be enrolled to submit your thesis for examination. So, if you intend to hand in your thesis after 1 January, you will need to re-enrol for that year.

Please be aware, however, that your fee liability will be calculated according to the Research Periods in which you are enrolled. For example, if your latest date to submit is 31 March, then you will need to enrol for that year, and you will be liable for fees until you have submitted your thesis for examination. You might be able to reduce your fee liability by arranging to submit by 31 December.

When you submit your thesis for examination, your status changes to "Not enrolled - under examination".

If your latest date to submit falls on a day when the University is not open (such as weekend, public holiday or during the Christmas shut down period), we will accept your thesis on the next working day after your latest date. Remember that you can hand in your thesis before the latest date to submit if you want.