Outcomes of candidature

Lodgement of final thesis with the University Library

You must submit a lodgement form and the final version of your thesis to be lodged in the University Library in order to be awarded your degree. The University Library will accept as its definitive version a digital copy submitted electronically. For more information, including the Student guide for formatting your thesis, and the lodgement form can be found here.


When the award of the qualification has been approved, the Registrar will write advising you of this and will send you details of the next conferring ceremony at which you may graduate.

An email will be sent several weeks before the ceremony, which will include an invitation, information about the graduation ceremony itself and academic dress hire.

Details about the academic dress for the various degrees is listed in the Academic Dress resolution.

Alternatively, you may apply to have your degree conferred in absentia, without attending a graduation ceremony. Details about how to arrange this will be sent with the graduation information and is available on the graduations website. Note that until the qualification has been conferred, you are not entitled to call yourself a graduate in that course or to use any title associated with it.

For more information about graduation visit the graduations website.

Alumni programs

The University of Sydney has an extensive alumni community, which you will join upon graduation. Visit the alumni programs page for more details about the range of services available. This includes information about Alumni email, a free email service.


Traditionally, on submission of a thesis for examination, a candidate is no longer considered to be an enrolled student and access to some core services may cease. The University recognises, however, that access to facilities such as email and the library are essential to students immediately post-submission, to allow for preparation of publications arising from research, maintain relationships with academic contacts, and to make emendations that may be required before submission of the archival copy of the thesis.

Students will automatically continue to have full borrowing rights at the library from the time of submission until the award of the degree.