Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is a University degree governed by Resolutions set down by the Academic Board. You should be familiar with the Academic Board documents: Postgraduate: Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Policy and University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011.

At SCA, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program constitutes independent research in an aspect of the visual arts. The degree is awarded for the successful completion of an approved program of supervised advanced research, which makes an original contribution to knowledge.

The PhD candidature represents an opportunity to explore a single research topic reflecting a critical exploration of the history, theory and practice of art; the development of new materials or technologies; the relationship between visual art and society, and/or the relationship between visual art and other disciplines. A PhD provides you an opportunity to prepare career and research options beyond studio practice.

Duration of the degree is three years to four years full time or six to eight years part-time. You are expected to study full time in your first year of candidature unless there are exceptional circumstances such as major personal hardship or health problems.