About the Sydney Health Policy Network

The Sydney Health Policy Network links researchers, educators and advocates across the divisions of the University of Sydney, and its teaching hospitals and research institutes; increases capacity for research, education and advocacy relevant to health policy; and facilitates knowledge translation, linkage and exchange with decision makers, health service providers and health and social agencies to influence policy and practice, both nationally and internationally.

One of the main aims of the network is to harness relevant intellectual resources from across the University and provide a structure to promote cross-disciplinary health policy research, education and advocacy

Specifically, the Network aims to:

  • Provide a key point of contact between the University, NSW Government and Commonwealth Government.
  • Foster communication with and among members and increase capacity for multidisciplinary collaboration across groups located within the University, its teaching hospitals and affiliated institutes.
  • Provide collegial support and administrative assistance to coordinate major strategic collaborative research grant applications and work around other issues of interest to the University.
  • Facilitate effective knowledge transfer, linkage and exchange between researchers, practitioners and decision makers.
  • Provide opportunities for inter-professional engagement to share resources, opportunities and expertise across the spectrum of health care delivery (from teaching hospitals to the community).
  • Formalise, focus and extend the range of health commentary, advisory and policy analysis activities within the University, its teaching hospitals and research institutes.
  • Support an integrated approach to knowledge, education and decision making relating to health policy.
  • Provide support for special interest groups to promote and enhance focused discussion between members of the Network concerning particular policy problems; or within particular fields of research, training or practice.
  • Encourage participation in government and non-government organisations, both locally and internationally, such as the World Health Organisation and the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.