Governance of Sydney Health Policy Network


The Sydney Health Policy Network is a cross-disciplinary network established within the University of Sydney that will consist of the chair and members of the Steering Committee, and the members of the Network. The Menzies Centre for Health Policy provides operational support to foster and promote the formation and function of the Network.


Individual membership will be open to employees and alumni of the University of Sydney, people employed by teaching hospitals and Institutes of the University of Sydney and people holding an academic title award from the University of Sydney, who are active in the area of health policy and its related disciplines (including but not limited to health services, public health, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, dentistry, law, social sciences, economics, politics and medical research).

Membership will also be open to postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate research students enrolled at the University of Sydney conducting research in these areas.


Financial responsibility for the Network’s activities is vested in the Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Executive Group. The Network’s funds are held in an account maintained by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy. Normally, the Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Executive Group will exercise their financial responsibility by approving budgets for the Network, prepared by the steering committee, and by exercising broad oversight of budgetary performance. Day-to-day administration of finances will normally be entrusted to the Chair who will manage the finances within the agreed budget.

Proceedings and Powers of the Steering Committee

The management of the business and affairs of the Network shall be vested in the Steering Committee of the Network.

The steering committee shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The Chair of the committee;
  • The Vice-Chancellor or his or her nominee;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or his or her nominee;
  • Four representatives of the Division comprising: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy;
  • One representative of the Division comprising: Health Sciences;
  • One representative of the Division comprising: Economics and Business;
  • Two representatives of the Division comprising: Arts, Law, Education and Social Work; and
  • At least one ordinary member of the Network.

The Deans will, in making their nominations, take into account the degree to which the committee's membership successfully reflects the geographic and disciplinary breadth of the University's health policy researchers, educators and advocates.

The steering committee may, from time to time, seek expert advice from other members of the Network.
The Steering Committee may meet, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meetings as it sees fit, but shall meet at least once in every period of six months. One half of the Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Meetings of the Steering Committee may be held by conference call, or other electronic link, or may use telephone or electronic links to supplement personal attendance, as long as all members participating in a meeting have the opportunity to hear the interventions of the other participating members.

Current members of the Steering Committee are:

Annual Plan and Annual Report

At the beginning of each reporting period, the Network will prepare a business plan for the following year that will include: an operating plan, a proposed budget and a number of milestones that will measure the Network’s performance against the plan.

In preparing the annual business plan, the Chair and steering committee of the Network will have regard to the University’s strategic plan and the current plans of member Divisions. The steering committee will also be responsible for preparing an annual report that will: outline the Network’s success in achieving the milestones identified in its business plan; present an accounting of income and expenditure for the previous year; and, report on other relevant matters.