HealthGov Special Interest Group


HealthGov is an existing Australian research network convened by Professor Stephanie Short and based at the University of Sydney.

Whilst formalising our connection with the SHPN, we seek to advance discussion, collaboration and research in the field of health governance. A particular strength is our inclusion of senior and early career researchers from several disciplines, health professionals, regulators and policy makers.

Specialist Area

The HealthGov SIG will serve the particular policy area of health governance. The health governance continuum covers:

  • improved access to health care, through policies, programs and funding arrangements;
  • good practice, through professional and ethical standards in education and practice; and
  • safer patients, through regulatory systems.


Strengthening management of healthcare systems; analysing incentives to improve distribution of health providers; and assisting in the analysis and development of health policy and implementation.

The HealthGov SIG will enhance:

  • collaborative research across several disciplines;
  • internationalisation of research and international linkages;
  • improved techniques of research design and management;
  • opportunities to network with other governance researchers and practitioners;
  • improved communication of results to wide audiences; and
  • health governance as a strong, viable area of research.


Mrs Kanchan Marcus