Driving and parking

Driving to Cumberland Campus

The Cumberland Campus at Lidcombe is located at 75 East Street Lidcombe. Use the Google maps directory to get step-by-step driving instructions from your address.

Parking at Cumberland Campus

Parking for the Cumberland campus is administered by Campus Assist, located on level 1 of the Jeffrey Miller Administration Building (A Block). For the location of gates and carparks, see campus maps.

Parking Areas on Campus

Casual parking fees are $5.00 per entry for gates 1 and 2 and $4.00 per entry for gate 3.

Gate 1 - Entry via East Street, Lidcombe. Limited to permit holders only. The gate closes at 10.00pm Monday to Thursday, 7.00pm Friday during semester. At all other times the gate closes 8.00pm Monday to Thursday and 7.00pm Fridays.

Gate 2 - Entry via East Street, Lidcombe. Available for swipe card holders and casual parking via coin-operated boomgate (change is not available). When the "full" sign is illuminated, coin entry will not be accepted. Gate 2 is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Gate 3 - Entry via Weeroona Road, Lidcombe. Pay and Display machines dispense a printed ticket which must be clearly displayed on the vehicle dashboard, in accordance with the instructions printed upon it. Any vehicle not displaying a current University parking permit, an approved visitor's pass, or a valid Pay and Display ticket is liable to be infringed. The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for any penalty imposed.

Gate 3 is open Monday to Friday 7.00am to 9.00pm during semester only.

Free after hours access to gate 2

To enhance the personal safety of staff and students and to encourage parking onsite, Gate 2 boom gate will be raised from 6.00pm to 6.00am Monday to Friday and all weekend until 6.00am Monday morning. There will be no fee payable during this period.

Traffic and Parking Infringements

Cumberland Campus, as part of the University of Sydney, operates as a Restricted Parking Area under the Road Traffic Act. Drivers must observe traffic and parking rules as they would on any public street. Vehicles must display authorisation to park in a Restricted Area and may only be parked within marked bays as appropriate to the authorisation and signage displayed. Traffic and parking is managed under the Self Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS) with breach notices being issued by University Security Patrol Officers and fines being collected by the NSW Police Infringement Processing Bureau. SEINS is enforceable 24 hours per day.

For more information about University parking policies, including fines, see the University Security Services traffic and parking page.

Student Parking

Undergraduate Students

Parking on campus for undergraduate students is very limited and travel by train/bus is encouraged. However, car parking facilities at Gate 3 are available. Students must pay the daily fee using the Pay and Display machines. These machines dispense a printed ticket that must be clearly displayed on the vehicle dashboard in accordance with the instructions printed upon it.

Please note the machines are only gold coin or credit card compatible and will NOT accept silver coins. The cost per day still stands at $4. The SEINS parking infringement system is in operation to control parking on University grounds and is enforceable 24 hours a day.

Postgraduate students

All Post Graduates are permitted to apply for parking in Gate 3 only. Post Graduate Parking Applications from 2012 MUST be submitted online. Click on the following link and follow the instructions; https://parkingpermits.sydney.edu.au/. A UNIKEY login will be required. Student’s enrolment must be active to renew or purchase a parking permit. The online permit system will show the cost and availability of the permit

Note that the issue of a permit does not entitle the holder to park in any particular bay or position.

For further information contact Campus Assist on +61 2 9351 9563

Those requiring access to parking spaces for people with disabilities should contact Student Services on +61 2 9351 9638.

Parking in disabled parking bays

Students and staff wishing to park in marked disabled parking bays require a current valid RTA Mobility Parking Permit. Students with a mobility disability without an RTA permit should in the first instance make an appointment with the University Health Service at the Camperdown Campus for assessment. Please phone (02) 9351 3484.

All drivers must comply with signage at access points to car parks and signs that appear beside or on a marked bay indicating that a particular bay is subject to some special restriction, eg "15 Minute Parking", "Disabled", "Loading Zone" and "University Owned Vehicles Only".

Motorcycles / Bicycles

Motorcycles are permitted to park in the designated motorcycle parking area within car park 2 only. Motorcycles are not permitted to park in any other areas. Bicycle shelters (undercover) have been provided at Gate 1, opposite B Block and outside H Block. It is recommended that you secure your bicycle with a locking device.

Staff Parking

All FHS staff, regardless of their employment status (full-time, part-time and casual) are eligible to apply for a parking permit which allows them access to gate 1 and gate 2 parking areas. Please note that staff in possession of these permits are not guaranteed a parking spot.

All Staff Parking Applications MUST be submitted online https://parkingpermits.sydney.edu.au/ . A UNIKEY login will be required.

The online permit system will show the cost and availability of the permit

Refer to the faculty intranet for more information.

Visitor parking

Visitors may only park through Gate 1 by displaying an authorised parking voucher. Please contact the discipline/centre you are visiting for further information. Permits and vouchers must be clearly displayed.

Visitors may only park through Gate 2 by paying the appropriate fee ($5.00) at the coin operated boomgate. If prior arrangements have been made with the discipline/centre, visitors can be given access through Gate 2 by first reporting to the security gatehouse. For further information please contact the discipline/centre you plan to visit.

Authorised casual lecturers may purchase a book of parking vouchers ($50.00) giving access to car parks at Gate 1 & Gate 2. A valid parking voucher must be clearly displayed.

The five Visitor spaces next to the Dean’s car will be available to any visitor to the University who arrives without notice. This will be monitored by security to avoid misuse of this area by students. The seven Reserved Visitor spaces behind the boom gate will be made available to official visitors. Faculty will need to contact Campus Assist to make prior arrangements for use of this parking. We will then notify security.

For further information relating to this matter please contact Campus Assist.

Free parking is available on East Street outside the campus.

Clinic parking

Clients for clinics on Campus enter the University grounds via Gate 1 and obtain a parking voucher from the clinic they are attending. This authorisation is to be visibly displayed on the dashboard and is valid only for day of appointment.

Ngallia Child Care Centre drop off/pick up parking

Authorisation for parking must be gained from the Director of Ngallia. The pass issued is valid for 15 minutes allowing time to drop off/pick up from the Child Care Centre. Parking is permitted only in the T Block car park and the pass must be displayed on the dashboard.