Faculty Executive and Administration

The faculty is a single-unit faculty within the University of Sydney. The faculty is managed through the Faculty Executive and portfolios, reporting to the Dean. Each academic portfolio is led by an Associate Dean and managed by a portfolio manager. Faculty wide services are provided by professional staff within the Faculty Services portfolio and Alumni and Development Unit.

Dean's Unit

Ms Stella Vasiliadis, Executive Officer to the Dean
Ms Hazel Bateman, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Mr Justin Kuhn, Executive Support Project Officer to the Deputy Dean

Faculty Services

Ms Lisa Carrick, Faculty General Manager
Ms Tracy Guthrie, Executive Support Project Officer
Ms Vijetha Badarinath, Admissions and Project Manager
Mr Sam Aquilina, Associate Director, Finance
Ms Simone-Cherie Holt, Indigenous Support Officer

Alumni and Development

Linda O'Malley, Alumni Engagement (Medicine and Health)
Claire McCabe, Alumni Engagement Officer (Nursing and Health Sciences)
Moira Saunders, Development Associate

Marketing and Communications

Laurie Guthrie, Marketing Communications Manager (Health)
Kobi Print, Media Adviser (Health Sciences)

Student Recruitment

Lucy Buxton, Head, Student Recruitment (Health Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy)
Swati Mishra, Student Recruitment Officer (Health Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy)
Sophia Roberts, Student Recruitment Assistant


Professor Joshua Burns, Associate Dean Research
Ms Fiona Pearson, Research Manager

Research Education

Professor Martin Mackey, Associate Dean Research Education
Ms Amy Genner, HDR Support Manager


Professor Sharon Kilbreath, Associate Dean, International
Associate Professor Mark McEntee, Associate Dean, Student Life
Olivia Gallo, Senior Project Officer, International Engagement

Education Services

Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud, Associate Dean, Education
Ms Louisa Coussens, Senior Administration Officer, Education Portfolio
Ms Jane Conway, Head, Education Services.
Ms Lana Christie, Senior Administration Officer, Education Portfolio (Mon & Tues)
Ms Patricia Hodgson, Course Administration Manager

Work integrated learning

Professor Sue McAllister, Associate Dean Work Integrated Learning
Ms Marcelle Alam, Manager Work Integrated Learning
Christine Longworth Executive Support Project Officer

Staff Services

Professor Sharon Kilbreath, Deputy Dean, Academic
Ms Annette Schroedter, Executive Assistant
Mr Andrew Bardsley, Manager Staff Services.