student profile: Mr Hasrul Hosshan


Thesis work

Thesis title: An exploration of the social participation of students with learning disabilities in inclusive education programs at Malaysian secondary schools.

Supervisors: Michelle VILLENEUVE , Michelle BONATI, Roger STANCLIFFE

Thesis abstract:

�p�«p»«p»Social participation is one of the key indicators of inclusive education outcomes. Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (United Nations, 2006) emphasises the value of education for a person with disabilities through inclusive education in the mainstream school system. Research clearly demonstrated that students with disabilities are likely in a greater isolation, experience difficulties in making and keeping a friend, and are not generally accepted by their classmate. Over the last decade, the research explored the peers' or teachers' attitude towards the student with disabilities. Nowadays, however, the studies shift concerned to address the experience and outcomes of the students with disabilities in the inclusive education environments. In a developed country like Malaysia, the practice of the inclusive education is still developing, and thus, published data on the social participation of students with disabilities are not available. The proposed research will be the first study to examine the social participation of students with learning disabilities (LD) in inclusive secondary schools in Malaysia. The project will examine how Malaysian special education policies and practices, and the culture and environment of inclusive education programs can facilitate or impede social participation among students with LD and their peers in the schools. The study plans to approach schools with the best inclusive education practice from two Malaysian states, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Conceptualisation and exploration of social participation is based on the Model of Social Participation. Using multiple case study methodology, social participation will be examined through document analysis, observation, semi-structured interviews, and focus group discussions. This qualitative inquiry study seeks to interpret how the various participants (administrators, school leaders, teachers, typically developing peers, students with LD and their parents) perceive achievement of social participation by students with LD in inclusive secondary education settings. Additionally, direct exploration of the experience of the students with LD brings a robust element to the study. Data will be analysed using thematic analysis and cross-case analysis. Results of the study could influence the Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2025) and its aims and objectives regarding inclusive education programs. This project will contribute to future research on similar topics.«/p»«/p»�/p�

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