student profile: Ms Hyunju Ryu


Thesis work

Thesis title: Quantitative dosimetry in Lu-177 radionuclide therapy using SPECT/CT

Supervisors: Steven MEIKLE , Dale BAILEY

Thesis abstract:

Recently, many studies have been reported for «sup»177«/sup»Lu-octreotate dosimetry. However, the reported methods vary, which makes it difficult to determine accurate dose across patients. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to find a standardized method for the quantitative dosimetry in Lu-177 radionuclide therapy. The purpose of this study is to establish an accurate and reproducible method for the quantitative SPECT/CT dosimetry of «sup»177«/sup»Lu-labeled somatostatin receptor radionuclide therapy. The general method for the quantitative dosimetry in «sup»177«/sup»Lu radionuclide therapy will contribute to the standardization of patient dose data analysis and delivery across hospitals, resulting in improved outcomes for neuro-endocrine cancer patients.

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