student profile: Miss Isabel Young


Thesis work

Thesis title: everyBODY study: An investigation into the effect of weight bias internalization on young women

Supervisors: Katharine STEINBECK , Natalie CRINO, Helen O'CONNOR , Helen PARKER

Thesis abstract:

Weight bias/stigma is discrimination on the basis of body size, and body dissatisfaction refers to the often intense negative thoughts and feelings about one’s body. Young women are particularly vulnerable to weight bias, which has been associated with harmful levels of body dissatisfaction and significant physical and psychological morbidity. In addition, it has also been associated with inequalities in education, workplace and health settings. It is also known that responses to weight bias can sabotage long-term weight loss success. Despite this, few studies have evaluated the effect of addressing weight bias in weight loss interventions. As such, this study aims to determine whether addressing weight bias in young women enables them to better maintain long term weight loss and positive lifestyle outcomes.

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