student profile: Miss Lisa Wolski


Thesis work

Thesis title: Aberrant running biomechanics and hamstring strain injury. Is there a relationship between the two?

Supervisors: Mark HALAKI , Evangelos PAPPAS , Alycia FONG YAN , Claire HILLER

Thesis abstract:

This research will investigate the relationship between running biomechanics and hamstring strain injury (HSI). Two mechanisms of HSI have been identified; the stretch type and the high speed running type. HSI of the high speed running type frequently occur in sports involving rapid acceleration, including soccer, Australian Rules football, athletics, rugby union and gridiron. It is proposed that aberrant running biomechanics is a feature of athletes recovering from hamstring strain that may have predisposed them to the injury and/or be a contributing factor to recurrence. The first study, a systematic review, will investigate differences in kinematics, kinetics and EMG within and between subjects. Next, a validation study comparing a portable sensor to the gold standard 3D Motion Analysis Laboratory, will be completed. It is predicted that the portable sensor will be considered a valid and reliable measure to examine specific variables in high speed running and thus, will be used in a prospective cohort study out on the field. This research may improve the current understanding of hamstring injury risk factors, by providing valuable information into the relationship between aberrant running biomechanics and HSI.

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