Mr Moe Suleiman

C43M - M Block Cumberland Campus
The University of Sydney

Biographical details

Moe started his journey into science in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in applied physics from Jordan university of science and technology, then working as a Physics and mathematics teacher in Jordan’s public and private schools. He moved to Sydney shortly afterward where he completed a graduate diploma and a Master’s degree in information technology while working at the University of Western Sydney as a senior support analyst for eight years. He moved back into academia afterward where he started his PhD in the department of Medical radiation sciences at the University of Sydney. Moe’s research focused on radiation dose optimisation for screening mammography services in Australia, which has resulted in significant findings regarding the methods utilized for the estimation of absorbed radiation dose; leading to the design of an updated method for the calculation of actual glandular dose; a better estimation of Individualised absorbed radiation dose for women undergoing screening mammography. Moe is driven by translating research findings into an improved outcome for the patient that would hopefully lead to saving lives.

Research interests

Medical imaging, Mammography, image perception, Radiation dose optimisation,

Current projects

Moe has secured a grant from thedepartment of health implementing his research findings to asses the efficacy of mammography screening for older women.

In the media

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