Mr Fauzan Bin Maideen

Biographical details

PhD Candidate

MPhty(Paediatric Physiotherapy),GradCertAppSci(Rehabilitation Sciences), DipPT

Teaching and supervision

Postgraduate Teaching Fellow

Paediatric Physiotherapy (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 1B (Postgraduate)

Advanced Clinical Reasoning (Postgraduate)

Thesis work

Thesis title: Mitigating thermal strain: From prepartum to early childhood

Supervisors: Kate EDWARDS , Ollie JAY

Thesis abstract:

Maintaining body temperature is crucial in early childhood for survival and comfort. There are pertinent factors within this early stage of the human lifespan, such as infants born prematurely resulting in thermophysiological systems that are not fully developed, to young children who are exposed to environmental variables that are beyond their control. More research needs to be done to address these concerns and the PhD thesis will look into mitigating thermal strain from the prepartum stage to early childhood.

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