student profile: Ms Rowena Field


Thesis work

Thesis title: A low carbohydrate nutritional strategy for chronic pain

Supervisors: Kieron ROONEY , Fereshteh POURKAZEMI , Graham MOSELEY

Thesis abstract:

�p�Chronic pain is a widespread health and economic burden on society for which we struggle to find effective management strategies. There is relatively limited data on how a metabolic approach such as an appropriate nutritional strategy might benefit those with chronic pain. This thesis will explore new ground by assessing the potential benefit of a well-formulated ketogenic diet in addressing the underpinning inflammatory processes present for people with chronic pain. It is comprised of 6 projects: An observational questionnaire-based study to look at the habitual diet of chronic pain sufferers as well as their perception of health and well-being associated with the diet. A narrative review on the literature pertaining to nutrition and chronic pain. A systematic review of the literature relating to ketogenic diets and neurological disorders to underpin the neuroimmune rationale for the applicability to chronic pain. The development in collaboration with an accredited dietitian of a tailored nutritional protocol that focuses on nutritional ketosis and considers optimal nutrient and energy density, optimal fat type and quality, personal carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Feasibility testing of dietary interventions and willingness to alter nutrition in a chronic pain cohort. A nutritional ketosis intervention study using the developed protocol in a chronic pain cohort using subjective pain and wellness questionnaires, medication usage, psychological questionnaire (DASS) and metabolic outcome measures.�/p�

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