student profile: Dr Shayan Quinlan


Thesis work

Thesis title: A prospective randomised trial to investigate how a shoe with mid-foot plantar flexion availability compared to a shoe withmid-foot rigidity affects growth and biomechanics of the foot and lower limb muscles in children aged seven to twelve

Supervisors: Alycia FONG YAN , Peter SINCLAIR

Thesis abstract:

To date, research into the long term effects of specific shoe designs on the functional development of the foot and lower limb in children is very limited. However, common children’s shoes have been found to negatively alter the biomechanics of children’s feet. This research seeks to address certain gaps in the literature, namely whether a new shoe design with increased plantar flexion through the mid-foot will allow the child’s intrinsic foot musculature to develop more strength over time, and by extension improve their functional performance outcomes.

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