student profile: Mr Xun Li


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Mechanisms of Behavioral Problems in Children and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy

Supervisors: Stewart EINFELD , Nadia BADAWI , Iona NOVAK , Patricia HOWLIN, Roger STANCLIFFE

Thesis abstract:

The most common physical disability in children is cerebral palsy (CP). CP is an impairment of movement and posture derived from acquired brain injury before or during the time of birth. Therefore, it seems reasonable for research, historically, to focus on movement. However, behavior in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy has not been explored as thoroughly. Much of the existing studies regarding behavior and cerebral palsy revolve around epidemiology. Whilst the exploration of the prevalence of behavioral problems in children and adolescents are quite established (and high), there has been very few attempts at understanding the impact of everyday, cerebral palsy – associated, difficulties has on behavior. Given that behavior function and severity is a key predictor of quality of life; the gravity of such understanding cannot be understated. The proposal aims to provide a comprehensive epidemiological profile of the patterns and associations of key biological and psychosocial variables in relation to the influence and severity of behavior problems. Further, the study seeks to establish the strengths of associations between the psychosocial support and stress of parents, as well as the biological comorbidities including epilepsy, executive function, sleep, pain, intellectual disability and the speech and language aptitude to assist in determining the intervention priorities.

Selected grants


  • The Mechanisms of Behavioral Problems in Cerebral Palsy (Project Grant PG5315) - Xun Li; Einfeld S; Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation./Research Grant.

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