Support and services

What we know:

  • Mutual support groups for parents of disabled children enable these parents to share feelings and experiences, access direct services, and exchange information
  • Some of these groups base themselves on the Parent to Parent model. This model is defined as one in which:
    * a 'veteran' parent who is experienced in caring for a family member who has a disability is matched, in a one to one relationship, with a 'referred' parent who is new to the role; and
    * information and emotional support is provided to the referred parent through this match
  • Parents served are generally Australian born non-Aboriginal with English as their first language. The family member has a specific disability, and most commonly is a pre-school aged child with a severe disability in a family with two adults in the parent role

What we can do:

  • Become familiar with consumer based programs such as those using the Parent to Parent model
  • Listen to the insider perspective and work in ways that are truly client centred and family focused

Want to know more? Check out these publications:

Llewellyn, G., Griffin, S., & Sacco, M. (1992). The "Parent to Parent" Model in Australia Australian Disability Review, 3, 42 - 50.