The Convenors

Professor Mark Onslow

Prof Mark Onslow

Professor Mark Onslow is the Foundation Director of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at the Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney. His background is speech pathology, in which field he holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Applied Science, and a Doctorate.

He currently is the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation in the Faculty. Professor Onslow’s research interests are the epidemiology of early stuttering in preschoolers, mental health of those who stutter, measurement of stuttering, and the nature and treatment of stuttering. The Australian Stuttering Research Centre has published the majority of the world’s speech pathology clinical trials for stuttering treatment. Recently, work has begun at the Centre to apply information technologies to stuttering treatment.

Suzana Jelcic Jaksic

Suzana Jelcic Jaksic

Suzana Jelcic Jaksic is a speech therapist at the Children’s Hospital in Zagreb and also owns a private practice, Logopedski Centar. She has a BSc and an MSc in Speech Pathology from the Faculty of Educational and Rehabilitational Sciences at the University of Zagreb. Her research is focused on the attitudes and emotions of people who stutter.

A person who stutters herself, she formed the Croatian Association for People Who Stutter “Hinko Freund” and is a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Stuttering Association. Suzana was the organiser of the 8th World Congress for People Who Stutter in 2007. She says “I am very excited about this symposium and honoured that it is being held in Croatia”.