This third clinical symposium follows the outstanding success of the previous two held in 2010 and 2013. The event is unusual by reversing the way professional meetings about stuttering are traditionally conducted. Normally, such events are dominated by presentations, with quite little time devoted to discussion. In Cavtat it is the reverse, with only nine plenary presentations, three on each day, and the bulk of the time devoted to collegial discussion about the topics.

The notion of a symposium is attributable to the Ancient Greeks. Scholars would gather for several days and share their knowledge while dining and drinking. In essence that is what will take place on the Adriatic Coast, not that far from where the ancient Greeks first had such an outstanding idea. Today we separate the knowledge sharing and the dining and drinking, but otherwise the format is the same, with as much restraint as possible, we trust, from the customary excesses and distractions of Ancient Greek revelry.