The Conference Program

Symposium Theme

The Symposium theme is rigor in stuttering health care and research, and using clinical research to guide and challenge clinical practices.

The focus of the Symposium will be to critically and openly debate the robustness of clinical research findings, without bias. That debate will focus on whether those research findings are suitable to influence clinical practice, and if so, how they should influence clinical practice.

The intention is that delegates will leave the Symposium considering changes to their clinical procedures.

Early Intervention (a) Lidcombe Program Corrine Moffat
  (b) Multifactorial treatments Sharon Millard
  (c) Temperament and anxiety development Sheena Reilly
School Age and Adolescent Intervention (a) Treatment of adolescents Barry Guitar
  (b) Treatment of school age children Cheryl Andrews
  (c) Anxiety and bullying management TBA
Adult Intervention (a) Speech restructuring advances Sue O'Brian
  (b) Speech pathology mental health measurement and management Ross Menzies
  (c) Information processing and anxiety Robyn Lowe