The results of the screen read test set are de-identified and confidential, with test results identified only by Reader Numbers. The Program Manager is the sole custodian of this information and the identity of Reader Numbers are not known by the directors of BREAST.

Performance data collected by BREAST will form part of the Quality Assurance Program of an individual reader’s BreastScreen Service. Results are identified only by the reader's BREAST Reader Number and is provided to the Designated Radiologist of that Service.

The de-identified results of the screen read test set will assist in the further development of the BREAST program and further screen reading test sets. The de-identified results may also be used for research with results published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Personal information stored as part of a reader's BREAST account (including email information) will not be accessible by the BREAST directors.

Qualified Privilege

BREAST was declared a quality assurance activity under Part VC of the Health Insurance Act 1973 and the Commonwealth Qualified Privilege Scheme. This provides important safeguards for all radiologists participating in the BREAST test sets and the data generated from these activities.


BREAST treats medical images, reports and case information with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. All images and reports that are used in BREAST’s products and systems undergo a strict anonymisation protocol.