Implementation involves setting up a workstation or a number of workstations with:
> Internet access to the online software
> Access to the test set via production or training PACS

The de-identified images used in the BREAST test sets are collected from the BreastScreen digital libraries developed by Associate Professor Warwick Lee. BREAST and participating Programs sign a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that the images are stored securely and are accessible only for teaching purposes via the BREAST platform.


If you are a radiologist or screen reader and would like to register for access to the BREAST test sets, please contact the Designated Radiologist or Clinical Manager in your Service. If you would like more information about registering for BREAST, please email the .

Radiology Registrars

BREAST qualifies for the experiential criteria for registrar training with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR). If you are a registrar and would like access to the BREAST test sets, please email the .