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A better life for people with disabilities in Australia and around the world

Our centre aims to change the disadvantage that occurs for people with disabilities. We do this through addressing their social and economic participation in society, and their health and wellbeing. By focusing on data that demonstrates disadvantage, we can develop models of policy and practice to better enable support and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Project Gets Underway: Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness in NSW

Enabling Local Community Resilience Through Collaboration

Flooding of Manning River at Taree (2011)

Flooding of Manning River at Taree (2011)

Natural disasters like floods and bushfires are common place in Australia, but what is not talked about are the experiences of people with disability during these emergencies. Recent research shows people with disability are at least twice as likely to die or be injured during a disaster – and in many cases purely due to a lack of planning.

The University of Sydney is partnering with the NSW State Office of Police and Emergency Services to put people with disability at the centre of disaster preparedness planning in New South Wales. The team is working with disaster-prone communities in Sutherland, Taree and the Hawkesbury to help community organisations, individuals and families better prepare for natural disasters to ensure people with disability aren’t left behind.

To read more about the project and participate click here.

Upcoming disaster preparedness workshops for people with disabilities, their families, carers and DPOs

Taree - Local Knowledge Workshop

DATE: Monday 9 May 2016
TIME: 9am - 3am
VENUE: Auditorium, Club Taree, 121 Wingham Road, Taree

Sutherland Shire - Local Knowledge Workshop

DATE: Friday 27 May 2016
TIME: 10am - 4am
VENUE: Stapleton Avenue Community Centre, 3A Stapleton Avenue, Sutherland

Latest news and publications

Latest Publications

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Senior Research Fellow and Associate of the CDRP Dr Qingsheng Zhou research has recently been published in the journal Disability and Rehabilitation: Accessing disability services by people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia (PDF).

To view the latest Advances in Mental Health journal issue which contains several articles by the CDRP team, CLICK HERE