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A better life for people with disabilities in Australia and around the world

Our centre aims to change the disadvantage that occurs for people with disabilities. We do this through addressing their social and economic participation in society, and their health and wellbeing. By focusing on data that demonstrates disadvantage, we can develop models of policy and practice to better enable support and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Latest news and publications

  • Dying to Talk DVD Resource Wins Writers Award

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    Congratulations to Dr Michele Wiese and Professor Roger Stancliffe. The <b>Dying to Talk</b> DVD Resource has won the prestigious Australian Writers Guild (AWGIE) 2015 Documentary: Corporate and Training award.

  • BlindWiki - Call for Participants

    Artist Antoni Abad at Sydney University

    Spanish artist Antoni Abad is holding workshops at the University of Sydney until 9 October to develop his latest project: an interactive, community-based auditory map in the form of an iPhone app.

  • Presentation on NDIS delivered to Actuaries Institute

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    Professor Richard Madden recently gave a presentation on the National Disability Insurance Scheme the Actuaries Institute.

Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Technical Reports

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Our three latest Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Technical Reports for 2015 have now been published:

  • Mapping of organisations in Indonesia in disaster risk reduction (MOIDRR)
  • Capacity Building for Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia
  • Practitioner Guidelines for Capacity Building for Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia


CDRP news

New report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Ros Madden recommends reading Access to Health Services by Australians with Disability 2012, the third report in a fascinating series about the health of people with disability and their use of health services (just released by the AIHW).
While earlier bulletins explored their health disadvantages compared to the overall population, the latest looks at variation within the population with disability. Ros commented: 'It was found that people with high levels of disability used more health services than others with disability, but were less likely to visit a dentist and less likely to have private health insurance. Dental health is recognised as a serious problem for many people with disability. There is plenty of food for thought for policy makers in these bulletins, especially when the sustainability of the NDIS relies on mainstream services delivering for people with disability'.

Good news building on outcomes of DFAT ADRA 6444 - Promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in Indonesia.

Our DPO partners trained under ADRAS project, PPCK Klaten and PPDI Padang have been granted Disability Rights Fund funds this year to implement disability-inclusive DRR projects.
Both PPCK Klaten and PPDI Padang have similar project ideas to improve data on disability & DRR using Washington Group Questions and the DIDR Tool developed through the ADRA Project and to provide awareness-raising on DIDRR to people with disability and their families, and communities.
The message from the project manager Pradytia Pertiwi, from our Indonesian partners, ASB, goes on to say “I am personally very happy to know that our great works will be carried on, and building on the lessons learned and successes from the ADRAS project”.
This an excellent outcome from the ADRAS project – where the inclusion of people with disabilities in developing a DIDR Tool and applying this in their communities and training in using the Washington Group questions has all lead to greatly enhanced capacity in disaster risk reduction activities.

Transition to Retirement Research Featured in AAIDD Newsletter

Professor Roger Stancliffe's Transition to Retirement research has recently been featured in the prestigious American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Newsletter.
CLICK HERE for more information.

End of Life for People with Intellectual Disabilities Seminar, 30 June 2015

Adults with intellectual disability deserve information and support about end of life to help them understand and plan. The symposium featured Australian and UK researchers and practitioners who are currently working on end-of-life issues with people with intellectual disability. These are universal concerns that apply regardless of disability, so several speakers discussed end of life as experienced by members of the broader community. The symposium included reports on the findings of Part 1 of the Sydney-based 3-year research project, Dying to Talk. Details about speakers and an abstract of each talk are set out in the program.

Over 130 delegates attended the seminar. They included practitioners from government and non-government disability service providers, personnel from government agencies, as well as researchers and health professionals.

Comments from delegates included, “the seminar was high value and presented quality information”.


CLICK HERE to view a story about the project in the Sydney Alumni Magazine.

Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellow Tianxi Xu

At the end of June, Dr Tianxi (Timothy) Xu joined the CDRP as an Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellow, researching transition to work services in the Australian context.

His areas of expertise include postsecondary transition and employment services for people with intellectual disability. He earned his Master’s degree in Special Education from Central China Normal University, and recently obtained his PhD degree from the University of Newcastle.

Tianxi is passionate about exploring effective transition practices and policies that could increase the chances of employment for people with intellectual disability. His previous research projects focused on employment and school-to-work transition services in China. He will be working with Professor Roger Stancliffe for the remainder of 2015 on his postdoctoral project.

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Latest Publications

Senior Research Fellow and Associate of the CDRP Dr Qingsheng Zhou research has recently been published in the journal Disability and Rehabilitation: Accessing disability services by people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia (PDF).

To view the latest Advances in Mental Health journal issue which contains several articles by the CDRP team, CLICK HERE