Our people

The centre brings together expertise from a range of disciplines and research areas to actively contribute to the challenge presented by the World Report on Disability (World Health Organization and the World Bank, 2011) to strengthen and support research on disability for evidence informed policy and practice development.

  • Photo of Photo of Eric Emerson

    Eric Emerson

    Co-Director of the English specialist Public Health Observatory on intellectual disabilities, Eric is highly regarded for his work on understanding and addressing the inequalities faced by people with disabilities.

  • Photo of Stewart Einfeld

    Stewart Einfeld

    Stewart has research and teaching interests in the area of child and adolescent psychiatry, developmental disabilities, including intellectual disability and its genetic causes and autism.

  • Photo of Gwynnyth Llewellyn

    Gwynnyth Llewellyn

    Gwynnyth is committed to finding health and social policy and practice solutions to enable disabled individuals and their families to fully participate in our societies – both locally and internationally.

  • Photo of Ros Madden

    Ros Madden

    Ros has played a major role in the development of national disability definition, measurement and statistics in Australia and internationally.

  • Photo of Richard Madden

    Richard Madden

    As former Director of the AIHW and Head of the Commonwealth Health Department’s Disability Programs Division, Richard has a wealth of experience in the health and community services sector.

  • Photo of Luis Salvador-Carulla

    Luis Salvador-Carulla

    Recently joining the University of Sydney as Professor in Disability and Mental Health, Luis field of interest is integrated support decision systems and policy in long-term care.

  • Photo of Roger Stancliffe

    Roger Stancliffe

    Roger’s research interests include self-determination, community living, retirement and community participation, Active Support, physical activity, individual planning, deinstitutionalisation, and cost effectiveness of services.