Community Based Inclusion The Pacific Way (2017)

Community Based Inclusion The Pacific Way (2017)

In this project, we take the approach of collecting empowerment stories to illustrate different aspects of community based inclusive development (CBID) and to profile how Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers and disability advocates in the Pacific can work together with individuals, families, and communities to enable inclusion in all aspects of everyday life. The work included a desk review and stakeholder consultation on the state of education on Community Based Rehabilitation in the Pacific. Two reports were produced along with 5 video-based and one narrated empowerment story.

Dr Michelle Villeneuve (Chief Investigator)
Dr Michael Millington

Ms Maria Waloki, Fiji National University
Ms Goretti Pala, Solomon Island National University

Dr Michelle Villeneuve and Dr Michael Millington, University of Sydney led this project in collaboration with Ms Maria Waloki, Fiji National University and Ms Goretti Pala, Solomon Islands National University.

Fiji National University_University of Sydney_Solomon Islands National University

This project was implemented through the WHO Collaborating Centre in Health Workforce Development in Rehabilitation and Long Term Care, University of Sydney. The project was supported by the Australian government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

WHO Collaborating Centre

We wish to acknowledge partnership with each of the following organisations and their members for sharing their empowerment stories:

Pacific Disability Forum
Fiji Disabled People’s Federation
Fiji National Council of Disabled Persons
Spinal Injury Association, Fiji
People With Disability Solomon Islands,
Bethesda Disability Training and Support Centre, Solomon Islands
CBR Unit Ministry of health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands
Te Vaerua Community Rehabilitation Services, Cook Islands


CBR Practice and Education, the Pacific Way: Desk Review

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Everyday Empowerment Stories Final Report

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Links to videos:

Collaborating 4 Inclusion