Selected Publications for Disability and Development


Ros Madden, Charlotte Scarf, Sainimili Tawake, Susan Goikavi, Casper Fa’asala,  Goretti Pala, Elsie Taloafiri, Alexandra Lewis Gargett, Nick Glozier, Sue Lukersmith,  Samantha French, Sally Hartley, Gwynnyth Llewellyn. Collaboration, communication and information: Keys to success with the Disability Action Plan in the Pacific. Commonwealth Health Partnerships 2014. Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK (View PDF)

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Monitoring Manual and Menu (MM&M) for CBR and other community-based disability inclusive development programs

The University of Sydney team was: Ros Madden, Sue Lukersmith, Sally Hartley, Michael Millington, Charlotte Scarf, Nicola Fortune, Alexandra Gargett and Gwynnyth Llewellyn, of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy.

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Madden RH, Dune T, Lukersmith S, Hartley S, Kuipers P, Gargett A, Llewellyn G.  The relevance of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in monitoring and evaluating Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR). Disabil Rehabil 2013 Early Online: 1–12.

Lukersmith, S., Hartley, S., Kuipers, P., Madden, R., Llewellyn, G., & Dune, T. (2013). Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) monitoring and evaluation methods and tools: A literature review. Disability and Rehabilitation.  Early online DOI: 10.3109/09638288.2013.770078



Llewellyn, G., Emerson, E., Madden, R., & Honey, A. (2012). The Well-Being of Children with Disabilities in the Asia Pacific Region: An Analysis of UNICEF MICS 3 Survey Data from Bangladesh, Lao PDR, Mongolia and Thailand. Sydney: Centre for Disability Research & Policy, University of Sydney. View here



Llewellyn, G., Madden, R., Brentnall, J.,Lukersmith, S., Mpofu, E., Bundy, A., Veitch, C. & Broom, A. (2011). A disability and development research agenda for Asia and the Pacific. Implementing Disability-inclusive Development in the Pacific and Asia, Development Bulletin, 74(1), 29-30. [View PDF]



Llewellyn, G., Makuwira, J., Madden, R., Brentnall, J., Lukersmith, S., Mpofu, E., Bundy, A., Veitch, C. & Broom, A. (2010). Developing a disability and development research agenda for Asia & the Pacific. CBM: Melbourne.[View PDF]