Work streams

The Centre’s work involves six streams led by professors from the Faculty of Health Sciences and related research teams:

Indigeneity and Disability

This stream aims to further advance decolonised evidenced based policy and advocacy in the disability sector. Decolonisation, in this context, sets about systematically critiquing and understanding the process and operations of colonialism (and colonisation) in Australian disability research, policy and advocacy. This stream will involve a multidisciplinary approach, building partnerships with scholars in critical disability studies, decolonisation and southern theorists. This stream will work with other CDRP workstreams, for example the NDIS stream, to ensure the outcomes of Indigeniety and Disability are immediately relevant and are likely to be translated into practice. Read more

Children, Family and Disability

Children with disabilities and their families face a range of challenges. We can assist with these challenges and support the full unconstrained participation of children and young people with a disability in society. Read more

Disability and Inequity

People with disabilities face pervasive inequity and discrimination. This stream will address: (1) approaches to monitoring the disadvantage and discrimination experienced by children and adults with disabilities in the Asia Pacific region and how this may vary over time and across contexts; (2) the impact of the experience of disadvantage and discrimination on the health and well-being of people with disabilities. Read more

Disability services

This stream will focus on evaluating the outcomes experienced by people with disabilities who use disability services. This will include standard coding, mapping and comparison of services for persons with disabilities. Researchers will also pursue applied research on adapting existing successful mainstream interventions to meet the needs of specific populations with a disability, to enhance their health, wellbeing and social inclusion. The Disability Services stream will also offer research and consultancy expertise in direct support techniques such as of Active Support, a proven caregiver training intervention to increase meaningful participation by people with a disability in everyday activities. Read more

Disability and development

This stream will focus on challenges presented in the World Report on Disability (2011) which have been taken up by aid agencies in Australia and elsewhere. Specifically this stream will address health and wellbeing for women, and children and youth with disabilities in low and middle income countries. It will focus also on building capacity in disability and development research in Asia and the Pacific region aligned with priorities within the AusAID Inclusive Development for All Framework (2010), with an initial focus on CBR monitoring. Read more

Disability and mental health

This stream will address the need for research in determinants of and measurement of function in mental ill-health. In particular, we will contribute to the development of appropriate insurance support schemes for mental health problems under the NDIS. We will advance the use of the International Classification of Function as a tool for providing a common approach to the variety of mental ill-health problems across the lifespan affecting the community. Read more

National Disability Insurance Scheme

This stream will focus on contributing to public policy in relation to administration, financing, assessment and workforce development to support the new Scheme. There will be an initial focus on individualised funding: the key features of successful administration of such funding, based on best practice in this emerging field, and on assessment and measurement to support such practice, with reference to the ICF. Disability among Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander peoples will be considered under this stream, with a practical focus on improving their access to appropriate services. Read more