Disability and Multicultural

Led by Dr Qingsheng Zhou, Senior Research Fellow

People from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) background, when measured by the number of first and second generations of immigrants, has reached a tipping point of being a half of the total Australia population (AIHW, 2017). Some of these immigrants live with disability, similar to their neighbours, colleagues and friends of Australian born. People with disabilitiesfrom CALD background have had lower participation in services provided by the specialist disability services under the NDA and by the new NDIS, than other Australians. It is timely to investigate the role of cultures in affecting everyday life of people with disabilities from CALD background and explore options to enhancing their quality of life, including how to make support services more accessible and appropriate to them.

In the past a few years Dr Qingsheng Zhou has undertaken independent research into people with disabilities from CALD background and published two journal articles. Dr Zhou recently presented his findings at a lunchtime seminar organised by Ageing, Disability and Home Carer (FACS) where he previously worked. Currently he and Professor Richard Madden are working on a study that compares the availability of informal carers between people with disabilities from CALD background and other Australians.

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