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Our graduates are leaders in the allied health professions, committed to improving the lives of individuals and communities. They are involved in local communities, both nationally and internationally, with networks of graduates extending accross Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Canada, USA and the UK.

Left – Joe Leng, Diagnostic Radiography (2000), living in Singapore.

Alumni Profile - Raja Alsaffar

Raja Alsaffar

Bachelor of Health Sciences (2011) Life Care Solution Logistic Specialist – GE Healthcare, Saudi Arabia

Most students from Saudi choose to study in America but I chose Australia because of the reputation of Sydney University and the academic, professional and social experience. I studied the Bachelor of Health Sciences (majoring in Management). I enjoyed the ability to select subjects from different areas, the unlimited pool of research available and the expansion of my capacity for critical thought. What I learnt in this degree allowed me to understand the different contexts of health and gave me the skills to tackle the ever-changing health sector.

In my work I am responsible for the sourcing and supply of health equipment to our customer base in Saudi hospitals and the Middle East. My work allows me to travel, learn new systems and provide training on new strategies to my colleagues in order to continue to improve developments in the workflow.

I volunteer with Australian committees including the Australian Trade Commission and the University of Sydney, where regular reunions with alumni and students considering studying in Australia are initiated. At these events, I actively speak about the Bachelor of Health Sciences and my experience studying at the University of Sydney.

I enjoy keeping in touch with university alumni, being part of the alumni community, and encourage future students living abroad to study in Australia and to provide guidance and support to others embarking on a similar journey. Indeed, graduating from the University of Sydney significantly enhanced my leadership skills during my studies, my career with GE and among the alumni community.