Clinics and services

Australian Stuttering Research Centre (ASRC)

The Australian Stuttering Research Centre was established in 1996 with Professor Mark Onslow as its founding director. The Centre's mission is to conduct research into the nature of stuttering, to develop and trial new stuttering treatments for adults and children, to train future researchers in the field and to support those who stutter and their families.

The Centre actively promotes excellence in stuttering treatments worldwide. It has an international focus, with international research collaborations and PhD students from many countries.

The Centre offers services for people who stutter or parents of children who stutter.

Communication Disorders Treatment & Research Clinic

The Communication Disorders Treatment & Research Clinic offers speech pathology and hearing services to a wide range of clients. The Clinic can see over 200 clients a week during peak periods.

The clinic is open to members of the public and charges a fee for its services.

Assessments and therapy are provided by qualified Speech Pathologists supervising second, third and fourth year students doing aspects of their clinical or fieldwork training.


FitAbility provides physical activity and exercise programs for people with spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and other disabilities. The purpose built clinic contains specialised equipment and is extremely accessible for clients with disabilities.

Each exercise program is designed specifically to suit each individual with most programs consisting of a range of progressive resistance training, aerobic exercise and functional activities. Periodic re-evaluation enables maximal adaptation, assessment of program efficacy and provides motivation for adherence to programs.

For more information about FitAbility, please contact the faculty’s Work Integrated Learning portfolio.