Our community

Members of the University are part of a wide network of relationships with researchers and communities around the world. We are continually growing and strengthening this network to enable collaborations and new perspectives that will benefit our staff, students, alumni and communities at home and abroad.

Local Partnerships

Our local partnerships are centred on building strategic partnerships that benefit our local communities and allow out students to experience the diversity of allied health. More

Clinics & Services

Faculty of Health Sciences Centres offering clinical or other services to the public include the Australian Stuttering Research Centre and the Communication Disorders Treatment & Research Clinic. More


Our graduates are leaders in the allied health professions, committed to improving the lives of individuals and communities. They represent a field of compassionate community workers committed to giving back. More


We are fostering global partnerships that allow us to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our neighbours, provide opportunities for mutual learning and enrich the experience of our students. More

Support Health

Gifts to the faculty make a world of difference, your philanthropic support helps us invite visiting professors, establish fellowships, increase library resources and provide new scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. More

Get Involved

There are a number of ways that industry, government, non-government, community partners and individuals can get involved with the faculty, our research and our learning and teaching. More