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Improving musculoskeletal research

Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions are major contributors to the global burden of disease.

Specifically, the rising incidence of back pain, with consequent disability, has become a public health problem, placing a heavy financial burden on individuals, families, employers and the community. Despite hundreds of clinical trials and diagnostic studies, there has been little progress on improving outcomes for people with back pain, or on reducing health care costs. We therefore aim to build an international network of musculoskeletal researchers to develop critical mass to determine a new approach to the resolution of these problems.

Academics from the Faculty of Health Sciences, led by Prof Kathryn Refshauge and senior researchers from Delhi based at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Indian Public Health Foundation will form the steering group for this initiative.

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Improving outcomes for people with back pain is a challenge

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Public health problems cause significant financial burden in India

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