Global partnership - Philippines

Philippines banner - college of allied medical professions

Alliance between Sydney and Manila

Signed in 2010, the Memorandum of Understanding creates an alliance between the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) and the College of Allied Medical Professions, University of Manila, Philippines (CAMP-UPM). The agreement has led to the development of co-operation and collaboration in teaching, training, research and other activities designed to further the aims and objectives of both institutions.

FHS visit to CAMP-UPM


Together, FHS and CAMP-UPM have gained a deeper understanding in the disciplines of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology through a 2012 visit of FHS academic staff to CAMP-UPM. Curriculum, clinical practice and research productivity were discussed and five CAMP-UPM staff will now undertake PhD studies under the leadership of Dr Tricia McCabe and Dr Andrew Leaver at the faculty of Health Sciences.

Australian Leadership Award (ALA) fellows visit


EIGHT ALA fellows visited the Westhaven Association Site in 2011 to learn more about its approach to community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities living in rural and remote areas. The fellows, drawn from disability-focused organisations were hosted by Sue Lukersmith and Ros Madden from FHS for an intensive eight-week program. The program will work with leading researchers and frameworks for effective policy-relevant data collection, and the monitoring and evaluation of community-based rehabilitation.

Philippines consulate general and the University of Sydney


Professor Stephanie Short met with the Philippines Consulate General, Anne Jalando-On in 2011 to discuss an ARC Linkage Project focused on building an ethical and sustainable model for health professional recruitment to Australia. The aim of the project is to develop a model for recruitment of health professionals from a developing to a developed country, ensuring fairness to the source countries and individuals, and focuses on Australia and the Philippines as a case study. Partners include the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology. The project will conclude in 2012 with findings to be presented at the UN and in scholarly papers.