Credit and recognition of prior learning

Credit is recognition for prior academic achievements. Credit is granted when the Faculty deems that the previous study is comparable in terms of content, level and duration to units of study within the relevant program.

It should be recognised that units of study taught in the Faculty are specifically directed at developing professional skills to meet course accreditation.

The Faculty of Health Sciences has specific resolutions for credit and this information can be obtained from our Faculty handbook: Faculty handbook – Resolutions of the Faculty.

There are two types of credit:

Specific credit Non-specific credit

Specific credit (also known as Core unit of study) is the recognition of previously completed studies as directly equivalent to a unit of study at the University of Sydney.

Non-specific credit is the recognition of previously completed studies, but is not deemed as equivalent and may be considered as an elective.

Credit will not be granted for

  • Individual units of study completed 5 years prior to application.
  • Units of study completed at a lower award, for e.g. certificates and diplomas from TAFE.
  • Units of study with a result of Terminating Pass or Pass (concessional).
  • Credit for postgraduate courses will not be considered from completed undergraduate courses.

Implications of gaining credit

  • Units of study that have been credited will not count for the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. This is important to know if you are considering further study.

Domestic students - additional implications
Decreased workload: This may affect your eligibility for Austudy/AbstudylYouth Allowance.
Your eligiblity for Student Concession Card may be affected. Contact Campus Card Centre for more information about your eligibility.

International students - additional implications
International students need to consider the impact of credit on their enrolment status required to maintain a student visa.

How to apply for credit
  • Apply via Sydney Student Portal - Go to My Studies>Application for credit and/or recognition for prior learning.

Note The faculty encourages all students to apply once their enrolment has been confirmed and accept their credit ideally, no later than one - two weeks before semester commencement.