Assessments are conducted throughout each semester. The term 'assessment' includes any assessment or examination conducted by the faculty and may take the form of written assignments or examinations, as well as practical and oral assessments. Exams are traditionally held in weeks 15-16 of semester.

Assessment timetables

Provisional & Final timetables for assessments conducted in Weeks 15 & 16 are displayed on the Exam Timetable website.

It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain the time and place of the examination from the final timetable. Information concerning timetables will not be given by phone.

Replacement assessment timetable

Replacement Assessments will only be arranged for those students who have an approved special consideration application only.

Replacement Assessment Timetable - Semester 1, 2015 - Download here.

Replacement Assessment Timetable for week 12 Medical Radiation Sciences examinations, Semester 1, 2015 Download here.

Students with a clash must contact Student Central immediately.

Unit of study results information, go to

Review of results

Final results in a completed unit may be reviewed on request by students. Results reviewed, will consist primarily to ensure that all submissions in relation to a grade have been accounted for and that the total of all marks awarded is correct.

Students should contact the unit coordinator for the initial review, in writing, within 15 days from the release of results.

Students dissatisfied with the outcome of a review of their result may choose to appeal as outlined in the policy Student Appeals Against Academic Decisions.

Appeals against academic decisions

The Resolutions of Senate and Academic Board governing appeals against Academic Decisions clearly outlines the circumstances by which a student may appeal against an academic decision.

The Faculty of Health Sciences has established procedures whereby a student may appeal against an academic decision. In the first instance students should attempt to resolve the matter with the unit of study co-ordinator and request the outcome in writing. All reviews should be completed within 15 days of the date of the academic decision.

If the student is still not satisfied with the outcome, they may appeal to the Faculty within 15 working days. Students should submit their written appeal electronically via email to: or lodge in person at Student Central, Block F.

An acknowledgement will be sent to students for receipt of a formal appeal within 3 days. The matter should normally be dealt with by the Dean's nominee within ten working days and students will be advised in writing of the Faculty's decision.

Students should refer to the following policy: Student Appeals Against Academic Decisions.

For further information on student appeals, contact Student Affairs unit.