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Students with a disability/Reasonable adjustments

Special Consideration is a process that affords equal opportunity to all students who have experienced circumstances that adversely impact their ability to complete an assessment task.

Students who, through serious illness, injury or misadventure, are unable to complete an assessment task may be offered Special Consideration in the form of a replacement assessment or an extension of assignment. Special Consideration will not be granted for students that intend to travel overseas for personal reasons.

Special Arrangements may be made available to students unable to meet assessment requirements or attend examinations because of representative sporting, religious, cultural or legal commitments.

Students should familiarise themselves with the current University of Sydney Coursework Policy (2014) via the University Policy Register. This refers to general information relating to Special Consideration/Special Arrangements and does not outline each faculty’s processes.

All Faculty of Health Science students may apply for Special Consideration/Special Arrangements via the online link below.

Please note that only those units of study that are taught by the faculty will be assessed. Special Consideration/Special Arrangements request for units administered by other faculties must be sought directly with the relevant faculty as per their procedure.

Important Information
All applications that have been submitted due to illness, must have Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC), your application will be rejected if you have provided a general medical certificate.

All online applications must:
  • be submitted for Special Consideration within 5 working days from the time of the missed assessment, unless severe circumstances beyond the student's control prevent submission, which should be clearly outlined in the application
  • be submitted for Special Arrangements as soon as the student becomes aware of a requirement to be absent from the University.
  • complete the online application and have the relevant supporting documentation attached in PDF and in English.
  • have the unit of study code entered correctly. Applications with incorrect codes will be rejected.
  • All applications that have been submitted due to personal illness, must have Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC), your application will be rejected if you have provided a general medical certificate.

IMPORTANT The Faculty of Health Sciences reserves the right to ask for original documents and if necessary may also contact the person providing your supporting documentation for further information. Disciplinary action may be taken if false or misleading information is supplied with your application.

How to submit your application:
  • Follow the instructions on the online form. Some fields are marked mandatory.
  • Ensure you enter the correct unit of study code and in the correct format, eg: HSBH1008
  • Once you have completed your online application, click submit and take note if your application has been uploaded successfully. All successful applicants will be provided with a reference number. If your application has not been successful take note of the missing information, re-enter and most importantly, you will then be required to re-attach your supporting documentation.
  • Ensure you have the correct supporting documentation, see table below.

Professional Practitioner's Certificate must be provided for personal illness, see table below;

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Examples of acceptable documents for Special Consideration/Special Arrangements.
  • Serious illness, injury or misadventure

Professional Practitioner's Certificate (PPC)

(General medical certificates are not acceptable)

Counsellor report, Police report Statutory Declaration

or other relevant supporting documentation as relevant to the circumstance.

  •  Death in the family/funeral
Copy of death notice in the newspaper or printed funeral service and a Statutory Declaration



  •  Representative sporting, Religious, Cultural or Legal commitments

Note:  All applications must be forwarded to the Faculty as soon as the requirement to be absent from the university is known.

Students should not commit to any travel arrangements until their application has been considered.

Letter from coach or association for sporting commitment.

Letter from religious/cultural leader supporting the students claim.

Court summons/order 

Students with a disability

Students with a disability who wish to obtain reasonable adjustments for their disability must register with and seek the support of the Disability Services Office.

For any queries concerning your application, please contact Student Central - Faculty of Health Sciences