Suspension, Recommencement & Discontinuation

Suspend your studies

Suspension of studies for a specific period may be granted by the faculty. Suspensions are normally granted for one or two semesters and in special circumstances up to 4 semesters.

Unless applications for suspension are lodged before end of March (semester 1) or end of August (semester 2), students will incur a Higher Education Contribution or course fees liability for the semester.

How to apply - Suspension

Students applying to suspend their studies must:

Please note: If you have not completed & uploaded your Recommencement Study Plan your application will not be processed and approved. The Faculty will hold your application for suspension until this study plan has been finalised.

Recommencement of study

Students returning from suspension must ensure they have completed their Recommencement Study Plan prior to the end of the suspension period. If this is not the case, students must discuss their study plan with the Course Director and get their approval.

International Students

In addition to the above, students are required to complete the online recommencement form via the International office, at least two months before commencing in order to obtain a new eCoE. International students may also be required to reapply for a new study visa following suspension.

Discontinue your studies

Discontinuation of studies refers to the formal withdrawal from a course of study after enrolment.

How to apply - Discontinuation

You may formally discontinue your course via Sydney Student Portal.

Note: Students should refer to the relevant census dates to ensure that they understand any financial or academic liabilities that may be applicable. If you require further information, you may contact the Faculty directly via or call 02 9351 9161.

Important information

  • Students will only be permitted to withdraw up until the end of the last week of teaching (Week 13) each semester.
  • Students who withdraw from their course after enrolment and neglect to formally discontinue will be deemed to have failed all units of study that they are currently enrolled for that semester and will be ineligible for any refund of fees.
  • Students who discontinue their course lose their status as registered students of the University. To resume studies at a later date, students must re-apply for the intended course as per the university's application process, applicable at that time.

Please note: Courses offered by the faculty are revised periodically and cannot be guaranteed of the availability for the same degree.

Students wishing to discontinue their course after the census dates, will incur a Higher Education Contribution or course fees liability for the semester.

Discontinue not to count as failure (DC)

However, under exceptional circumstances and supported by documentation, the Faculty may grant 'Discontinued not to count as failure' against the relevant units. All requests for (DC) Discontinue not to count as failure results are submitted in writing (no application form) via email to

Student submissions should contain a comprehensive statement of their claim for DC results, including details that demonstrate;

  • applicant was not able to complete the unit of study for unforeseeable reasons
  • circumstances beyond applicant’s control prevented withdrawing from/ discontinuing the unit by the seventh week of semester
  • circumstances beyond applicant’s control prevented using the Faculty’s established procedures on special consideration for illness and misadventure

Supporting documentation must be provided. In the case of illness this should be Professional Practitioner Certificate (PPC) documentation from a registered medical practitioner or counsellor (or other professional as applicable) specifying the extent and period of impact on applicant’s ability to study. All documentation that can attest to the circumstances encountered should be included.