Honours FAQ

Q1. How do I apply for the Honours program?
Applications will be available online via Sydney Courses from semester 2, 2015, for 2016 academic year. All information on the application process and timelines will also be made available via Sydney Courses.

Q2. How can I search for a research supervisor and project?
All available project and supervisor listing can be accessed by logging into the FHS Honours eCommunity on the Learning Management System or LMS. If you are an internal applicant you will require your unikey details to login to LMS. If you are an external applicant, please email to obtain further information.

Q3. What is the difference between an internal applicant and external applicant?
All FHS Honours programs are open only for internal applicants except Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) which is available for both internal and external applicants. Any student (Domestic or international) who is currently enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences is considered as an internal applicant

Q4. Is there a difference in the application process for an internal and an external applicant for the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)?
No. All applications are made through Sydney Student Courses.

Q5. I have submitted my application, what happens next?
The Honours Committee will assess all eligible applications and offers will be made to those candidates that meet requirements. Depending on the acceptances and availability of projects and supervisors, a second round of offers may be made.
Offers, acceptances and enrolment will all be online through Sydney Student.

Q6. Will I be notified if I am not successful?
Yes, via your Sydney Student Portal

Q7. How do I contact a member of staff?
For course or project specific enquiries, contact your discipline Honours Coordinator via email.
For administrative enquiries, contact Student Central on 02 9351 9161 or by emailing

Q8. Where can I find information on scholarships?
Various scholarships are available for Honours students such as the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) and the University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA). Read more about scholarships. Some scholarships are available to certain disciplines such as OT and Speech Language Pathology. See the Faculty's Scholarships to find out more.

Q9. If I become an Honours student will I miss out on professional electives?
No. All Honours students are able to ‘audit’ professional electives (typically in Year 4). This means that students can attend the elective classes without being enrolled (so they don’t have to pay fees/HECS and do not have to complete any assignments/assessment tasks). Students must formally ask Unit Coordinators for their permission to attend classes, tutorials as places may be limited.

Q10. Can I withdraw from the Honours program at any time without being disadvantaged?
To avoid financial liability, students must withdraw from the Honours program by the census date in Semester 1, Year 3 of their studies. The Census date for Semester 1 is 31st March. During and at the end of Semester 2 (Year 3) students may be able to return to the pass course without disrupting their graduation date depending on timetabling issues, especially with regards to their Professional Practice placements. Arrangements become a little more complicated after that, as students will not have completed all the necessary pass units to graduate, and usually have to complete one or more additional units of study when transferring back to the pass program. Withdrawal in Semester 2 is possible but the ramifications of this should be discussed with your Honours Coordinator and Student Central.

Q11. Am I able to suspend studies?
In the first instance discuss with your Honours Supervisor/Coordinator. If permission is permitted, you can request this through your Sydney Student portal prior to the Census date for that Semester. Please be aware that there will be financial and academic penalties if you suspend after the Census date.

Q12. How is the performance assessed/graded?
The details of assessment are outlined in the Unit of Study outline.

Q13. How is the study load in the Honours Program different to the pass program?
The Honours Program is very demanding. You should be prepared to invest time and independent effort when compared to the normal course work. It requires a higher level of involvement, project management, problem solving, and research skills. The program aims at expanding your knowledge in a selected area of interest.