Honours applications for 2015 are now closed

"I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge Honours was, and feel that the experience has helped me to be a better evidence-based practitioner." Anna Grace Francis, Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Occupational Therapy), Honours

"I learned a lot about research and had a fantastic team of staff members who supported me and guided me throughout the [Honours] year." Ashleigh Vos, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

"I wasn’t particularly interested in research prior to commencing honours and initially did it for the challenge, however it was an invaluable experience that involved working very closely with leaders in musculoskeletal research and has opened up many doors that I wouldn’t have thought possible." Caelum Trott, Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), Honours

Enhance your career prospects with Honours

The first step in realising this future is an Honours degree, in which you will participate in working on a research project.

An honours year will give you valuable professional skills, including a much deeper knowledge of your academic discipline, advanced reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and important insight into the relationships between ongoing research and accepted professional practices.

Your honours project will give you a springboard into your chosen career as you develop advanced research, analytic and communication skills while undertaking independent research. An honours degree from the Faculty of Health Sciences can also help improve your weighted average mark (WAM) for entry into graduate programs, and a successful honours result can be a pathway to PhD study.

Honours is open to meritorious students who have attained a level of academic achievement specified by their course rules.

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What is Honours?

The honours program is your chance to become a member of a community of health professionals committed to contributing to the discipline, contributing to knowledge in the profession, contributing to improving the lives of our target groups, making a difference through research. Under a senior scholar, each student will develop research skills and make a significant contribution to the development of knowledge in their profession.

Applications for 2015 will open through Sydney Student (the online student portal) on Wednesday 6th August 2014. Please refer to the individual Honours course page for further information and links to apply.

Am I eligible for Honours?

Your eligibility for the Honours Program is based on your Weighted Average Mark - WAM. You must have a WAM>= 65 to be considered eligible for all Faculty of Health Sciences Honours programs. Places are highly competitive and offers may be made at much higher WAMs.

Applicants from the faculty’s disciplines apply in either year 2 or in year 3 depending on their course:

  • Currently enrolled Exercise and Sports Science, Medical Radiation Sciences and Bachelor of Health Sciences year 3 students, who have completed at least 144 credit points (or will complete by the end of the 3rd year), and have a WAM>= 65 (cumulatively for year 1, 2 and 3) can apply for Honours in Semester 2 of their third year.
  • Currently enrolled Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiography and Speech Pathology year 2 students, who have completed at least 96 credit points (or will complete by the end of the 2nd year) and have a WAM >= 65 (cumulatively for year 1 and 2) can apply for Honours.

Can external students apply?

The only program that is available for external applicants is the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours). External applicants apply through Sydney Courses - 'Apply Now'

An external applicant is anyone who is a currently enrolled in any other Faculty at the University of Sydney (other than FHS) or a graduate of any other Australian and/or international university.

How and when do I apply?

You can apply now online via your course link below.

Applications are open from 6th August - 31 October 2014.

Our Honours Courses: APPLY NOW

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) Honours
Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Honours
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Honours
Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) Honours
Bachelor of Applied Science (MRS) Diagnostic Radiography Honours

Our Honours Co-ordinators:

Director, Honours Programs:

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) Honours

Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Honours

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Honours

Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) Honours

Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiation Sciences) Diagnostic Radiography Honours

General information

  • All Honours offers are made purely on the academic merit of the applicants.
  • Eligibility to apply is based on WAM >= 65 as at the end of Year 2, Semester 2 for embedded Honours and end of Year 3, Semester 2 for appended Honours.
  • A WAM>= 65 or greater does not guarantee an offer of a place in the program. Offers depend on the number of supervisors available and the student’s ranking within their discipline cohort.
  • Submission of an application does not automatically imply a firm offer.
  • All applications are assessed and offers finalised by the Honours review committee.

For further information about all our Honours programs refer to the Faculty handbook.

For all general enquires regarding Honours program, email: