Mentees in Belong@FHS

What does the program involve for mentees?

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Belong@FHS will run throughout Semester 1, 2016. We use a group mentoring approach where mentoring teams will consist of two mentors and six to eight mentees.

Belong@FHS mentoring includes sessions that first year students have said were important to them. These include: transition to university (expectations and advice), assessments, majors and electives (BHlthSci) and clinical education and placement (discipline-based degrees).

There is also informal, online mentoring via an eCommunity designed for Belong@FHS members. By taking part as a mentee, you will have the opportunity to talk with senior students about their various first year experiences such as exams, assignments and other useful tips. Your mentors will be from the same degree as you but you will have access to advice and conversations from senior students across the Faculty of Health Sciences.

We also have great social events. Students have cited these as the highlights of the programs so there are trivia games, treasure hunts and lots of food in store for this year!

Please refer to the 2015 Belong@FHS program for more information

Mentors and their mentees will be supported by the Mentoring Committee consisting of Faculty of Health Sciences staff. If you have any questions, please send them to

Who can be a mentee?

Mentees are any first year students enrolling in an undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2016. Students enrolling in a combined Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Nursing program are also eligible to apply.

Can I join with a friend?

Yes, but you don't need to. Belong@FHS is a great way to meet new people!

Each mentoring team will consist of two mentors and six to eight mentees. This means you can join with friends! To ensure that you and your friends are placed in the same mentoring group, please create a secret passcode for you and your friends to share. Make this unique as possible! However, if you are yet to make friends with others in your degree, use this passcode: AWESOME2016 and we will allocate you to a group with other students in your degree.