Student representation on campus

Faculty Governance and Student Representation

There are a number of student representative positions on University and Faculty committees and decision making bodies. The Academic Board has student members and each Faculty has a Faculty Board. The Faculty of Health Science's Board has seven student members. Student members of the Faculty Board are able to be members of Faculty Committees.

The Faculty Board meets twice per semester and faculty committees generally meet monthly. The Board and Committees cover a range of issues relating to the academic matters of the Faculty.

Faculty Committees with Student Representation

Faculty Board of Health Sciences
  • Undergraduate student members
    Agalyaa Puhenthirar, Max Chien, Denise Ong and Hiu Gwan San
  • Postgraduate coursework student members
    Ellen Marshall, Jessica Rupesinghe and Brett Bolton
Higher Degree Research Committee
  • HDR student nominated representative
    Tong Li
  • HDR student nominated representative (2 year term of office)
    Jennifer Baldwin
Learning & Teaching Committee
  • Undergraduate student representative
    Agalyaa Puhenthirar
  • Postgraduate student representative – Coursework
    Brett Bolton
Coursework Curriculum Committee
  • Undergraduate student representative
    Krishna Muralidharan / Hiu Gwan San
  • Postgraduate student representative – coursework
    Roland Rojie Pecson
Student Consultation Committee
  • Elected Faculty student representatives
    Agalyaa Puhenthirar, Max Chien, Denise Ong and Hiu Gwan San
  • Postgraduate coursework
    Ellen Marshall, Jessica Rupesinghe and Brett Bolton
  • International student nominated by the Dean
    Vacant - call for EOI
  • Indigenous student nominated by the Dean
    Sarah Large
  • Student representatives from the student body of the faculty nominated by the Dean
    Alise Kha, Krishna Muralidharan, Thien Kim Nguyen and Yue Belinda Wang
  • Student Nominee from the Cumberland Student Guild
    Mei Hubnik / James Garth
  • Student Nominee from SUPRA - TBA
  • Student Nominee from SRC - TBA

Term of office: 1 year unless otherwise specified.

Student Representative Council

The Student’s Representative Council (SRC) is the peak representative body for undergraduate students on campus.

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

SUPRA is an independent representative association providing advice, advocacy and support services to the postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.