Academic support

All academic matters should be referred to your academic supervisor in the first instance or your Postgraduate Coordinator. Postgraduate Coordinators are designated specifically to support higher degree research students within a Faculty Research Group, Unit or Centre. If you are not able to speak with your Postgraduate Coordinator for any reason, you may contact the relevant Convenor or Director or alternatively, contact the Manager, Graduate Research Studies. If you are dissatisfied with the response matters can be raised with the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation, however you will initially be asked if you have liaised with your Supervisor or Postgraduate Coordinator.

The current Postgraduate Coordinators are:

Kieron Rooney (Exercise, Performance and Health)
Sarah Dennis (Clinical Rehabilitation Sciences)
Claudia Mello-Thoms (Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences)
Joanne Arciuli and Alison Purcell (Disability & Community)
Rob Heard (Health Systems & Global Populations)
Susan O'Brian (Australian Stuttering Research Centre)
Kate O'Loughlin (Ageing, Work & Health Unit)

Administrative support

All administrative issues regarding candidature should be addressed with the Research and Innovation staff. This includes re-enrolment, variations to canditature, annual progress reports and thesis submission and examination.

Administrative issues relating to support services within the Faculty Research Group, Centre or Unit should be discussed with your Research Group Administrator.

Student representatives

If you would like to raise an issue with the Faculty then your Student Representatives may be able to help do this. You can contact the representatives directly.

The current student representatives are:

Jennie Brentnall - HDR Subcommittee member,
Ben Bailey - Student Staff Consultative Committee member,
Rebecca Chedid - Student Staff Consultative Committee member.