Domestic students

Domestic (i.e. Australian citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens) higher degree by research students are provided with HECS exemptions by the Commonwealth Government to undertake their degree under the Research Training Scheme (RTS). RTS covers the tuition fees (not the Student Services and Amenities Fee) for a maximum of four years' full-time equivalent study for students undertaking a doctorate and two years' full-time equivalent study for student undertaking a masters. For further details visit the Research/Admissions and Enrolment/RTS chapter of the Graduate Studies Handbook.

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

The Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) was introduced by the University to provide direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students. The funds are not allocated directly to the students but are awarded by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Research and Innovation Office to eligible applicants on a competitive basis according to the University’s general guidelines. Selection committees will consider (1) quality of the applicant and track record relative to opportunity and stage of candidature, (2) demonstrated need for funding, and (3) priorities, if any, placed on the different expenditure categories by the Faculty.

Note that PRSS funds cannot be used for direct research costs.

Access the Faculty of Health Sciences PRSS Policy and Guidelines

Access the Faculty of Health Sciences 2015 PRSS Application Form

PRSS eligibility and applications

Currently enrolled Research Doctorate and Masters by Research students at the Faculty of Health Sciences are eligible to apply for funding under PRSS provided that your candidature does not exceed 4 years full time equivalent (PhD) or 2 years full time equivalent (MAppSc) at the closing date for application. If you have extended your candidature or withdrawn from your course, at the application closing date, you will not be eligible to apply.

Please note that only three (PhD) or one (MAppSc) successful applications are/is permitted during your candidature. If you upgrade your candidature from Masters to PhD, you will be eligible for a maximum of three successful applications in total. Reimbursement for expenses under PRSS must be incurred during the calendar year of application only.

FHS PRSS 2014 round closed on 02 May 2014. PRSS applications normally open in approximately April/May each year.

Eligible candidates must complete the Faculty of Health Sciences PRSS Application form along with Faculty of Health Sciences PRSS Checklist. Completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted in one PDF document before the application closing date via email to the Research and Innovation Office at . Late applications will not be accepted. The Research and Innovation Office will notify you of the outcome via your University Student Email.

Note that for Category A: presenting at conferences claim, PRSS is no longer restricted to one international conference. You can apply for more than one international conference travel expenses over the life of your candidature.

For more information about PRSS eligibility criteria and funding categories, please read PRSS Information for Students document in the PRSS website.

Any enquiries regarding PRSS, please contact the Research and Innovation Office at or telephone 9351 9637

Faculty Funding Scheme

The Faculty Funding Scheme (FFS) provides financial support towards direct research costs related to a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student’s study. Direct research costs include equipment, communication, general consumables, lab consumables, computer software and licences and travel and associated expenses. These costs are normally borne by a student’s supervisor or by the student. However, HDR students may apply for financial support under this scheme.

Additionally, the Faculty will reimburse the thesis production costs required for the examination process.

FFS eligibility and application
FFS eligibility criteria is included on Application for Faculty Funding Scheme form.

Thesis production expenses
Applications for funding for thesis production costs need to be applied for separately on the Application for Thesis Production Funding form. Policies and guidelines for this funding are available on the application form.

Research related travel

Research students may apply for travel support to attend national or international scientific conferences, if they are presenting an oral communication or poster presentation, through the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS). The Faculty Funding of Direct Research Costs scheme may also be used to support research-related travel.

University grants-in-aid are available to provide students (who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia) with travel grants to support short-term periods of research overseas. Individual grants vary in value and purpose with most approximately $1,800. More information can be found at the Scholarships Office website. Applications for grants-in-aid are usually due in April.

From time-to-time additional opportunities arise. Continue to monitor this page and the Scholarships office overseas travel website for information about current opportunities.