Getting ready to submit

There are a number of important tasks you need to complete before you submit your thesis. Failure to complete these tasks at the correct time may cause frustrating delays in examination of your thesis and graduation. Reviewing these tasks with your supervisor and the Faculty Research Office six months before you plan to submit your thesis can reduce the risk of these delays.

The following information highlights some key requirements.

Extension of candidature

You will need to apply for an extension of candidature if you cannot submit your thesis by your latest submission date, to apply via: Sydney Student Portal.

Publication statement for co-authored papers

If your thesis includes your published research and that research was co-authored, you must include a Statement from co-authors form. This statement, signed by all co-authors, confirms what your contributions were to the published research.

Early Submission of a Thesis

It is important to note that all degrees have a minimum length of candidature and as such you may not submit your thesis for examination prior to enrolment of 3 years for PhD, 3 years full-time equivalent for HScD (i.e. 6 years part-time), 1.5 years full-time equivalent for MAppSc (i.e. 3 years part-time). Should you have a particular need to submit your thesis earlier that this, you will need to seek approval by either the Faculty or in some cases Academic Board. Approval is only granted in exceptional cases and therefore your request must be well supported and documented. It is important to note that a thesis should ONLY include work conducted whilst enrolled as a candidate for your degree.

Notice of submission of a thesis

Three months before you intend to submit your thesis, you should complete the Notice of intention to submit a thesis form. This form is an important step as it triggers a number of administrative processes within the Faculty and the University. Delays in submitting this form may lead to delays when you submit your thesis for examination.

Appointment of examiners

About 4–6 weeks before you plan to submit your thesis, your supervisor should complete the relevant appointment of examiners form. Prior to submitting this form, your supervisor should contact the nominated examiners to confirm that they agree to examine your thesis during the timeframe provided. The Faculty requires 4 nominated examiners for Doctoral theses and 3 examiners for Masters Theses.

For PhD theses, the Appointment of Examiners form is forwarded to the University’s PhD Award Sub-Committee for endorsement. The Faculty cannot dispatch any thesis to an examiner until the examiners have been endorsed by the University’s PhD Award Sub-Committee. Delays in submitting this form may lead to delays when you submit your thesis for examination.

Word count

For a PhD, the thesis word count should not exceed 80,000 words, a Masters or Doctor or Health Science thesis should be no more than 60,000 words. If your thesis exceeds these limits you will need to submit a request to the Research and Innovation Office for faculty approval. Please note that these word counts are maximums and therefore your thesis can be any size under these without the need for approvals. The word count does not include your appendices or references.

Submission of thesis for examination

You will need 4 bound copies of your thesis if you are a Doctoral student or 3 copies if you are a Masters student. Your thesis can have either temporary or permanent binding. The Faculty also accepts theses for examination in electronic form unless an examiner requests a hard copy, although it should be noted that one hard copy of a thesis must always be submitted for an examination.

For temporary binding, the preferred system is ‘Perfect Binding’ although any system that is strong enough to withstand ordinary handling and postage is acceptable. Note, ring-back or spiral binding is not acceptable. The coverpage should clearly identify your name, the title of your thesis and the year of submission.

Declaration of originality/Authorship by candidate

You must provide a signed and dated statement declaring that the thesis is entirely your work and that no other person’s work has been used without due acknowledgement. This statement should appear on a separate page and be bound with your thesis.

Statement by supervisor on submission of thesis

Your supervisor must submit a supervisor's statement for thesis submission form to the research and innovation office with your thesis.

Submitting your thesis

You may hand deliver or post bound copies of your thesis.

Deliver bound copies of your thesis to: Post bound copies of your thesis to:
Research and Innovation Office Research and Innovation Office
Room A017, A Block Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences C42 - Cumberland Campus
East Street, Lidcombe 2141, NSW The University of Sydney, 2006, NSW

You must complete a lodgement of higher degree thesis form, available at the research and innovation office. The research and innovation staff will confirm if all documentation for your thesis is in order and acknowledge receipt of your thesis by signing the lodgement of higher degree thesis form. You will be provided with a copy of this form.

Theses are sent to examiners as soon as possible after submission. Please plan on approximately four to six months for your thesis examination.

Examiners reports

When all examiners reports are received and recommendations confirmed by the Associate Dean, Research and innovation, you will receive an email detailing the outcome of the examiners reports and the next steps for the completion of your award e.g. required emendations, revisions.

For more information regarding thesis submission, please contact the research and innovation office at .

Thesis containing Publications

The University accepts thesis containing publications i.e. a candidate may include ‘one or more published works of which the candidate is the sole or joint author’. A thesis may therefore contain sections with differing formats i.e. it may be a mix of traditional chapters and journal articles and those journal articles may also differ in format, depending on the individual Journal requirements. The important point is that the thesis needs to present as a ‘consistent and unified whole’ and be presented in such a way that ‘examiners can assess the requirements required by the University’.

The Faculty has agreed that publications submitted by students can be included in a thesis, regardless of the stage of publication; published, accepted, or submitted. It is preferable that the publication be published. For work that has been accepted or submitted only, the candidate should indicate this within the thesis.

Please note that a candidate may only include publications arising from the ‘research’ that ‘occurred during the course of candidature.’

Master of Applied Science students may, if they wish, submit a thesis containing publications.