Three minute thesis

The Faculty of Health Sciences will be running the Faculty Three Minute Thesis competition on Thursday 26th June 2014.

Research students will have just three minutes to present a compelling presentation on your thesis topic and its significance.

The 3MT® is a competition where postgraduate research students can communicate their research topic to a non-specialist audience in a compelling, fun and engaging way. It challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely in a very short amount of time.

The 3MT® is a professional and highly engaging international competition and is designed to develop academic, presentation and research communication skills needed to effectively communicate research findings in an engaging and appropriate language suitable for the audience.

It's a great way for students to practice explaining their research to people who are not familiar with their field – skills that will serve students well when applying for funding or engaging media attention.

The winner of the Faculty of Health Science competition is expected to represent the Faculty in the finals of the University of Sydney competition. If the winner is unable to attend the final, the runner-up will proceed to the next round of the competition in their place.

Where and when

Thursday 26th June 2014, 5.00 p.m. room S102.


$200 book voucher and Dean’s Research Scholar Award.


Students wishing to enter the competition should complete the FHS 3MT® Registration Form and submit this to the Research and Innovation Office by 5.00 p.m. on Friday 6th June 2014.

Entrants will also need to provide their power point slide to Research & Innovation by 5.00 p.m. Friday 20th June 2014.