Belong@FHS Mentoring Program

Belong Honours mentoring

Calling mentors for 2014 (Second, third and fourth students)

First year mentees

2014 first year students who will be enrolled with the Faculty of Health Sciences will invited to join the mentoring program during Enrolment and OWeek in 2014.

Belong@FHS Honours mentoring

Current Honours students and RHD students are invited to become part of Belong@FHS Honours, the Faculty of Health Sciences Honours mentoring program. Sign up today! Share your experiences and help the next generation of Health Sciences students who are considering an Honours pathway!

What it involves
As a mentor, you will introduce prospective Honours students to the Faculty of Health Sciences research community, discuss your own research and give them insight into what it means to be a researcher.

Your mentoring team
Mentoring will take place between September 2013 and April 2014. You will work with another mentor to support a small group of students in their transition to Honours 2014. The meeting times and places can be designed to suit you (face-to-face or online) and your mentees.

Benefits of mentoring
Mentors from Belong@FHS have become part of a tight-knit mentoring community, made new friends and developed important skills as students and professionals. Join the team today!

Become a mentor...
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Belong@FHS is a peer-mentoring program established to create a community of belongingness within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Mentoring involves social activities, online discussions and structured lunch sessions where students learn from the experiences of their senior peers. Belong@FHS pairs first year undergraduates with second, third and fourth years peers and new Honours students with current Honours and RHD students.

Mentoring programs have demonstrated success in enhancing academic success and a sense of belonging to the university in new students. Belong@FHS is a chance to be supported and provide support; to create that community that makes university life much more exciting.

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