Coursework forms

Enrolment Suspension and discontinuation Assessment
Cross-institutional outbound enrolment (pdf) Suspension of candidature (pdf) Assignment cover sheet - individual (doc)
Proxy enrolment form (pdf) Discontinuation of candidature (pdf) Assignment cover sheet - group (doc)
Variation of units of study (pdf) Recommencement of candidature (pdf) Guide to presentation of assignments (pdf)
Application for credit (pdf)    
Course variation form (pdf)    


Exams and results Other
Special consideration (pdf) Criminal record check (pdf)
Application to use a dictionary in exams (pdf) Working with children student declaration (pdf)
Request for academic transcript (pdf) Clinical placement vaccination checklist (pdf)
Transcript authorisation form (pdf) Change of name/personal details (pdf)
Application for conferral of award (pdf) Reimbursement for Honours project expenses (pdf)

Research forms

Candidature variation Suspension, discontinuation and transfer
Change of candidature pattern (pdf) Suspension of candidature (pdf)
Change of faculty research group (pdf) Recommencement of candidature (pdf)
Application for counting time away (pdf) Discontinuation of candidature (pdf)
Application for change of research project (pdf) Transfer from Masters by research to PhD (pdf)
Change of supervisory arrangement (pdf) Transfer from PhD to Masters by research (pdf)
Application for counting time away (pdf)  


Thesis submission and examination Funding support schemes
Extension of time to submit thesis for final examination (pdf) Vendor EFT Australia and overseas (doc)
Application for early submission of thesis (pdf) Application for faculty postgraduate funding (pdf)
Notice of intention to submit a thesis (pdf) Application for thesis production funding (pdf)
Statement from co-authors (doc) PRSS application from (2012) (docx)